• My mother, Mrs. Mary D. Fryer
    My mother, Mrs. Mary D. Fryer
  • This smile shows how proud I was to receive my graduate degree in May 1991. Hard work and perseverance usually proceed anything that makes you proud. If you need more pride in your life, keep at it and keep working hard!
    College Graduation
  • June 20, 1981 I wish I could remember what I had just said.
    Dwight's Wedding Day
  • My special great aunt Emma Sue played the juice harp blues and showered us with love.
    Ms. Emma Sue Buntyn
  • Our next door neighbor was really a grandmother to me. She made the best barbecue sauce, biscuits, and chocolate pie in the world on a wood cook stove. She liked her wood split precisely to suit her cooking. Miss Lee, as we called her, and I often bartere
    Miss Lee Allie
  • Dwight's Senior Picture
    Dwight's Senior Picture
  • I have been a speaker for years. Here’s an early proud moment with a 4-H Club Public Speaking trophy. In the early years, my mother took me to every contest and saw to it that my speech was prepared to her satisfaction before every contest.
    Already a Speaker

  • They called my father Big Jim at this point of his life. My daddy, James Fryer Jr., was and remains to be my template for being a man--love and leadership--that’s a man and my father showed both traits every day.
    Dwight and Father
  • My education began and continues at my mother’s knee. Her love, consistency, and guidance meant the world to me.
    Dwight's Mother Mrs. Mary D. Frye
  • This Ames Plantation work crew included my mother’s father, Will Hunt. He is in the back row on the far right. Circa 1920s.
    Ames Plantation Work Crew
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